SAYERS THE BAKERS 25 days – 25 locations!

Our recent Sayers the Bakers Postavan campaigning is a great example of the advantages of the mobility of our advertising.
When the largest independent retail baker in the North West of England approached us for some outside the box advertising, we knew we could help.

Run as a family business from 1912 to 1977, Sayers The Bakers eventually became a new business with sister shop Poundbakery.  Selling a range of cakes, savouries and bakery products, Sayers felt they needed an alternative style push to remind those within the vicinity of their shops to give them a try.


We are frequently provided with a budget from the Society to promote its activities to the local public in ways that are most appropriate and beneficial to them. They provide the creative, we provide the advertising methods. From Sunset Specials to Dinomania and Gerry the Giraffe, we have helped out with dozens of marketing campaigns through various advertising mediums.

To accompany longer Postavan campaigns around north Bristol, Bristol Zoological Society often requests that we appeal to the heart of Bristol by getting in amongst the pedestrians in the central Broadmead area, by use of one of our famous Postabikes.
Bristol Zoological Society has recognised the power of our Postabikes appealing to a high concentration of pedestrians in an environment where they have time to check out the message being promoted.

Operating local attractions, the Society’s main focus is on drawing the interest of those may shop and work in Bristol, and therefore will live close enough to consider visiting the Bristol Zoo and Wild Place sites. Therefore, by using our Postabike they can really get the word out to the right people.

At no extra cost, our Postabike rider hand outs leaflets supplied from the charity, so that members of the public can take the promotional message home with them as a reminder to consider a visit.

The Society regularly opts for the additional push of a Postabike campaign over school holiday periods, to give that extra reminder to parents that Bristol Zoo and Wild Place are both attractions on their doorstep where they can take their children for an enjoyable educational experience.

We have also provided audio effects upon request, to accompany the Postabikes!

With the provision of Photographic Reports after their campaigns, they can see for themselves the value of the Postabike and how it brings the visitors in, which is why our relationship only grows stronger each year!

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