With our longstanding service of Postatrailer hire, we find the right location for the right advertisement and deal with all the admin on behalf of our clients.

The advantages of appropriately-placed static Postatrailers are clear – the message can be conveyed to the masses in a targeted location. For example, our car company adverts on the motorways near to the dealership, appealing to drivers who at that moment have time to consider a new vehicle, or our Postatrailers advertising local attractions on A-roads within the wider vicinities.

Usually a prospective client will approach us and explain what they are looking for. We then take information about the client’s target audience and a radius in which they want to be advertising. For a minimal fee we then conduct a site survey of the area in order to source the best site for a Postatrailer. If the client then goes ahead with a Postatrailer booking – or we are unable to find a strong site in the area – the fee is waived.

We track down the landowners and initiate negotiations to place a unit on their land.


Once we have secured an arrangement and the client has confirmed how long they wish to initially commit, we ask for the client to send us their artwork in the dimensions of the unit that we propose placing at the site. Once the site is live and the initial contract has finished, if both the client and landowner are happy to continue, we keep the advertisement rolling monthly.
Turnaround can be as quick as a week, depending on the success of negotiations and site survey availability.

Occasionally, it works the other way around – we may source a brilliant site to keep on our books and then will approach a local company that we feel the site would be appropriate for, such as is the case with our site on the main A-road into Cornwall, advertising a theme park near Penzance. We have enjoyed a seasonal relationship with the client now for years.

We also offer short-term hire of Postatrailers – for example our Postatrailer placed on request from the police just for one day, to appeal to travelling young festival goers to keep their belongings on them, or the chiropractor who wanted to appeal to weary commuters just for a few weeks to boost awareness.

All of our relationships with our Postatrailer clients are bespoke and unique, with different commitment lengths and different sized units – some even already own their Postatrailers and just want us to negotiate a deal in the right place. Regardless of the circumstances, all of our clients and prospective clients appreciate that they do not have the expertise, or perhaps the time, to efficiently source, negotiate and manage a relationship with a landowner to successfully run a Postatrailer campaign. That’s why they opt to come to us!

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