• Directional signage
  • Tourist and family attractions
  • Brand recognition
  • Show home and event teaser signs

At last . . . . . Postasites where you want them, when you want them. If you have used Poster Billboard advertising before you will know and appreciate the problem.

Site owners tell you where you can advertise, great for them, but the sites are never where they will really do the business for you.


Now thanks to Postasites that’s all changed. You choose the location, we will find the Postasite. We do all the artwork, including the necessary planning permission and landowner rental negotiation and you get the benefits . . . . . . fast! Whether you prefer your advertisements to be free-standing or on the side of buildings, Postatrailers or Postasites can work for you.

Opportunities To See

Postasites are just part of the comprehensive Alternative Advertising service that includes Postavans, Postatrailers, Blimps, leaflet handouts and much more. . .That’s why major companies like Tescos, Currys, Barclays, Crimestoppers choose Alternative Advertising.

High impact, right location equals more customers and increased sales!


Postasites are perfect for everything from major campaigns, to important directional signage, as well as specific promotions such as,

We are always looking for new Billboard Sites nationwide and would be interested in hearing from any property/landowners who have recently acquired a new site, or would like to negotiate terms and conditions for an existing contract with Alternative Advertising. Please contact our office on Tel 033 33 55 1117 to discuss.

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