About Us

Alternative Advertising is a long-established nationwide out-of-home advertising company helping you to get your message shown directly in front of your target audience. We supply alternative outdoor advertising mediums directly where you want them.

We specialise in Postavans, Postabikes, Postatrailers, Blimps and Postasites. You provide us with the brief and we will deliver the goods!

Some of the clients we have worked with:


After a 10 year career in a Fleet Sales Managers role within Ford Motor Company, John fulfilled his dream of formally establishing Alternative Advertising in 1989, by building his first Postavan and approaching companies with his ideas for promoting their products. It wasn’t long before it was a hit, and the orders kept rolling in! He is passionate about delivering a professional personal service and isn’t afraid to still get his hands dirty when needed!

Matt has been with Alternative Advertising since 2004, starting as an operations assistant. His hard work soon paid off and he was promoted to Fleet Manager. He now organises all of the Alternative Advertising vehicles, plus the daily logistics of our Postavan drivers and Postabike riders. He also still runs occasional Postavan and Postabike campaigns himself, and is one of our competent blimp handlers. It’s never a quiet day in the office for Matt!

Leanne joined the team in 2015 and quickly found her feet, assisting with enquiries and helping to ensure bookings progress smoothly. As a law and business graduate, she also directs projects to help improve the packages on offer, enabling Alternative Advertising to continue providing the great service it does!

“Absolutely fantastic. I want to say thank you for being a pleasure to work with and the way you and your company work is refreshing. I’ve never received updates, photographs and clear communication like this before. Bearing in mind I work with large national and international media suppliers regularly and none of them have as smooth a process and customer services to the same level as you guys.

I’m pitching this to other clients and will form a big part of my media offering going forward.”

– Managing Director of Primedia Marketing

Outdoor Advertising


Our step-by-step approach;


We get to know your industry.  We learn about the challenges that you are facing in your environment and develop our awareness on what separates you from your competitors


We create a response to meet your advertising needs. We provide personalised strategies for you and your company, with the use of our services and products


We implement our solutions for you. We deliver live updates and post-campaign reports, to allow you to see for yourself the impact of your advertising campaign


We specialise in a selection of outdoor advertising mediums and offer a multitude of additional services to complement these.
















1 day
£420 including driver

2 – 4 days
£355 per day including driver

5 – 13 days
£315 per day including driver

14+ Days
£270 per day including driver

(All rates are inclusive of campaign planning, daily inspection of poster condition and vehicle cleaning, full written and photographic report)


48-sheet (20’ x 10’) superior reusable grade PVC
£319 each, including free of charge front triangle banner (Postavans only)

16’ x 8’ £269 each

10’ x 3’ £209 each

Address slips From £85

Alternative size/finishes available – POA

All banners cut and trimmed. Hemmed or eyelet finish and alternative sizes available with price on application.


1 Month (30 day) hire

3 Months hire
£1215 per month

6 Months hire
£1015 per month

12’ x 8’ ownership
£1920 inc. delivery/banners

14’ x 8’ ownership
£2020 inc. delivery/banners


1 Day
£420 including rider

24 Days
£355 per day including rider

513 Days
£315 per day including rider

14+ Days
£270 per day including rider

2 x digitally printed PVC banners

Free of charge leaflet hand outs


£620 per month

16’ x 8’
£515 per month

Onsite signage and free standing Postasites


Blimp to hire (min. 3 days)
£380 per day including operator

Blimp sleeve (7’ x 4’)

Helium canister
£450 each

Blimp ownership package
£3495 including helium, delivery and training

Site survey fees £200 per location

Creative charges

Correx boards (600 mm x 400mm)
£40 each, min. order 20

Teaser signs (600mm x 400mm)
£95 each, min. order 10

Audio broadcast
£40 per day, min. 3 days

3D artwork

Promotional staff e.g. leaflet handouts


1. The following terms and conditions of business apply between Alternative Advertising (“the Company”) and its customer (“the Customer”) except to the extent that they have been varied or supplemented in writing from the Company to the Customer.

2. The Company shall provide the Customer with such advertising space for such period(s) and in such localities as is agreed in writing between the Company and the Customer. Whilst the Company will use all reasonable endeavours not to do so, the Company may deviate from any agreed route or locality whilst its vehicles are displaying the Customer’s advertising material.

3. Unless commissioning the Company to design and produce posters, the Customer shall provide to the Company all advertising materials for display on the Company’s vehicles. Such materials shall be of dimensions specified by the Company and shall be delivered to the Company’s premises not less than seven days before the agreed date upon which the contract shall commence.

4. The price payable by the Customer to the Company for the Company’s services shall be in accordance with the Company’s rates from time to time.

5. Payment of artwork charges is due 5 working days before the date upon which the advertising display is scheduled to commence. The balance is payable in full STRICTLY within 30 days of the date of the Company’s invoice.

6. If the artwork payment as specified in point 5 is not made, the Company shall be entitled not to display the Customer’s advertising material until such payment is made and then at such time as is convenient to the Company. The Company shall be entitled to charge interest (at the annual rate, both before and after judgement, of 5 per cent over the base rate for the time being of Midland Bank PLC) on any overdue sums from the date upon which they become due until payment thereof.

7. In the absence of negligence on the part of the Company, the Company shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to any advertising material or for any loss arising in connection with any contract between the Company and the Customer. The Company shall have no liability in respect of any term or condition implied by statute.

8. The Company reserves the right to refuse to display any advertisement without giving any reason. Advertising material will not be accepted if, in the opinion of the Company, the advertising material fails to conform with the British Code of Advertising Practice, or is likely to offend any particular members or sectors of the public.

9. The Customer will indemnify the Company against any loss or liability which the Company may incur as a result of any costs, claims, expenses or proceedings in relation to any advertising material for which the Company’s services have been contracted by the Customer.

10. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer as a result of any failure by the Company to provide any services in accordance with this agreement with the Customer, if such failure is in any way caused by war, strike, lockout, sit-in, trade dispute, accident or breakdown to plants or machinery, natural catastrophe including adverse weather conditions, or any other cause whatsoever beyond the Company’s control.



Casual drivers/riders needed on an ad hoc basis

To drive extended long wheelbase advertising vans

Normal driving licence required

We are a national advertising company using light commercial vehicles and recumbent trikes to advertise messages for our clients. We need more drivers and riders that we can call on in busy spells! The role involves;

  • Driving a van from our offices in Portbury to our client’s chosen location
  • Creating a presence on busy roads or in populated areas  on arrival
  • Taking photographic evidence of the van in situ

With campaigns using recumbent trikes, your role will be to drive to campaign location in a panel van, cycle the trike into position and hand out leaflets if the client supplies them.

You will be self employed at £9 per hour. Ideally you will be 25+ for our insurance purposes but this is not essential. As we work nationwide our campaigns can involve overnight stays. Your van fuel – and accommodation where applicable – will be paid for.

Please note, regular or frequent work is not guaranteed, we would like to be able to call you to check your availability as and when our demand requires it.

If you have any questions before applying please contact Matt Blything on 07801 043333

Contact us Nationally

Tel 033 33 55 1117


Our Location

Alternative Advertising Limited, Elm Tree Farm Estate, The Sheepway, Portbury, Bristol BS20 7TF

Alternative Advertising Limited, Elm Tree Farm Estate, The Sheepway, Portbury, Bristol BS20 7TF