easyGym offers low-cost no-contract gym memberships nationwide, with premium gym equipment and free gym classes, modelling themselves in a thriving niche as the low budget option. With an increased societal awareness in health and fitness, competition in the market is increasing and easyGym are keen to ensure that they capture their share of people deciding to join a gym.

easyGym recently made the decision to allocate funds to outdoor promotions. Wanting to attract people who would feel that they would actually make use of the facilities and thus consider membership, easyGym felt their focus should be on pedestrians who were already within the vicinity of their gyms. Therefore, they opted for some our Postabikes!

Having worked with easyGym previously via an agency, during their initial emergence period a few years prior, they were already familiar with the concept of our alternative advertising options and were keen to try the Postabikes again to remind locals of the low-cost offers available.


They opted to employ a Postabike in West Bromwich to raise awareness of easyGym and campaign for people to join the nearby gym.

After we provided their marketing team with clear specs and guidelines on the dimensions and format that we needed their artwork in, they provided us with their creative artwork electronically and we did the rest.

They also requested that our rider drop into the gym itself and collect leaflets to hand out – a service we offer to all Postabike clients at no extra cost – plus collect an easyGym uniform to wear, to identify further with the brand.

We took direction beforehand from easyGym’s Sales and Marketing Manager in terms their projected target audience. In addition to this, the Postabike riders met with the Club Manager for knowledge on the local area.

With our rider then handing out leaflets whilst looking relevant in easyGym’s own attire, the message was sure to reach its way into the homes of potential gym goers and not slip from people’s minds!

Furthermore, easyGym took advantage of our option to change standard working hours by opting for the occasional 12pm-8pm day to ensure they could also focus on pedestrian commuters during the evening rush hour.

With the provision of a Photographic Report at the end of the campaigning, easyGym could be confident of the successful effect of our Postabike in influencing the local public nearby to their gym. That’s why after two bursts of activity in West Bromwich, easyGym utilised their budget to employ three more Postabikes later in the year for a fortnight in each site – in Birmingham, Wandsworth and Oxford Street, demonstrating just how confident the company is that our Postabikes can impact their membership rates!

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