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Our fleet of Mercedes Postavans now provide all round advertising, with the recent addition of the advertising space above the cab. So even when driving in traffic your message is always visible!

Perfect For All Types Of Promotion

  • Store openings or relaunches
  • Exhibitions, events and shows
  • Car/product launches
  • Housebuilder sites
  • Special offers, sales and promotions
  • Target areas and audiences precisely
  • Be active for 10 hours per day
  • Offer countless OTS



Viewing Opportunities

As an example of the exposure you can expect, a recent campaign was sited on the A4044, facing vehicular traffic in Bristol. 4,875 vehicles passed on average in one hour - that's 48,750 views a day!. Support campaign strategy, weight frequency and audience targeting. Locate prime sites or green sites for static advertising, or follow a specified target route. Illuminate your message.



Accompany it with an audio broadcast Provide smartly uniformed personnel to drive Postavan and inspect posters daily Submit a full photographic and written report of campaign





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