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Alternative Advertising is pleased to introduce bike advertising, our newest service to the outdoor advertising market place.
This new innovative form of "street advertising” complements our long established alternative methods of advertising to your target audience.

Postabikes, or cycle advertising, enable the advertiser to take their message directly to the desired customers, using two AO sized (841mm x 1189mm) digitally printed banners attached to a bike, plus a free of charge front- head on advertising space. Our Postabikes make for easy reading as the bikes can be pedalled or parked into key locations demanding attention from passers-by.

You may wish to use your own artwork or our experienced creative team can design a memorable image that your audience act upon.

Postabikes come with leaflet hand-outs  as standard. Our riders find a prime site with a good angle to read the artwork and can hand out leaflets to support the campaign strength.

Postabikes can be used for targeting city centres, shopping malls and retail parks in respect of:

  • Store openings
  • Promotions
  • Product/new service launches
  • Trade fairs
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions and shows
  • Sporting events and much more



This is literally the "in your face" mobile Postabike way to get your message across to target customers in the hundreds...


Accompany it with an audio broadcast Provide smartly uniformed personnel to drive Postavan and inspect posters daily Submit a full photographic and written report of campaign

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